Regression, Logistic Regression and Maximum Entropy

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update: The Python code for Logistic Regression can be forked/cloned from my Git repository. It is also available on PyPi. The relevant information in the blog-posts about Linear and Logistic Regression are also available as a Jupyter Notebook on my Git repository. 1. Introduction One of the most important tasks in Machine Learning are the Classification tasks […]

Sentiment Analysis with the Naive Bayes Classifier

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From the introductionary blog we know that the Naive Bayes Classifier is based on the bag-of-words model. With the bag-of-words model we check which word of the text-document appears in a positive-words-list or a negative-words-list. If the word appears in a positive-words-list the total score of the text is updated with +1 and vice versa. […]

Sentiment Analysis with bag-of-words

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update: the dataset containing the book-reviews of has been added to the UCI Machine Learning repository. Introduction: In my previous post I have explained the Theory behind three of the most popular Text Classification methods (Naive Bayes, Maximum Entropy and Support Vector Machines) and told you that I will use these Classifiers for the automatic […]

Text Classification and Sentiment Analysis

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Introduction: Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a vast area of Computer Science that is concerned with the interaction between Computers and Human Language[1]. Within NLP many tasks are – or can be reformulated as – classification tasks. In classification tasks we are trying to produce a classification function which can give the correlation between a […]

Collecting Data from Twitter

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update: The Python code for this TwitterScraper can be forked/cloned from my Git repository. ———– For most people, the most interesting part of the previous post, will be the final results. But for the ones who would like to try something similar or the ones who are also curious about the technical part, I will explain the […]

Predicting the Turkish General Elections with Twitter Data

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Social Media and Automated Sentiment Analysis Social Media monitoring and analysis has become increasingly popular since the Web 2.0 because it provides an easy and effective way to directly measure the effect of a campaign. This can be done by KPI’s like the number of followers, likes, shares, comments, comments-per-post. Besides these hard and easy-to-measure KPI’s […]